Respite for caregivers


Because caregivers sometimes need a break, the Amélys team also provides home respite services. Our home care attendants are both qualified and experienced. They specialize in services for seniors, the elderly and those with a diminished capacity for independent living, including cognitive impairment.




  • Assistance with
  1. meals
  2. taking medication
  3. dressing
  4. partial toileting
  5. mobility
  • Supervision
  • Companionship
  • Stimulation




The Évasion respite service allows you to benefit from a longer break while a home care attendant takes care of your loved one. You can enjoy this respite for a period of about 56 hours.





The Chouette-Nuit project gives you the chance to enjoy a night of restful sleep once a week without having to worry about the needs of your loved one. A home care attendant will provide safe supervision for a 12-hour period. 



Respite programs are offered in partnership with local community agencies. For more information, contact us

at 450 466-8444.




  • A great way to ensure peace of mind for yourself and your family
  • You decide how often you use our services