Housekeeping can be a challenge and a hassle—yet there’s no getting around its necessity! Amélys working in this field since 1998 can help you with housekeeping, too.



  • Housekeeping
  1. Kitchen (oven, fridge, small appliances)
  2. Bathroom, living room and bedrooms
  3. Dusting
  4. Vacuuming
  5. Floor washing
  • Meal preparation (excluding special diets)
  • Groceries and other errands
  1. Our most popular errands are trips to the grocery store and drugstore. These can be made by the home care attendant, with or without the client.
  • Laundry (clothes and bedding)


Heavy housework

  • Cleaning of
  1. walls, ceiling and fans
  2. cupboards (inside/outside) and closets
  3. behind large appliances (wheeled appliances only)
  • Window washing (inside/outside)
  • Moving assistance (packing/unpacking)
  • Air conditioner installation and removal



  • Makes it easier for you to continue living at home
  • You decide how often you use our services: once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month