7 February 2018

For several years Amélys in collaboration with Emploi Québec offers personal care attendant the chance to receive quality training. 

21 January 2018

 The Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Help Services allows a reduction of 4$ regardless of family income, a further variable reductiion from 1.25$ to 11.44$ for each hour of service rendered. The variable financial is determied on the basis of an eligible person's family income and family situation. 



30 January 2018

The new website 211 Grand Montréal is a resource that gives free information and referral on community, public and parapublic services for all citizen of the greater Montreal. A complete category is available for seniors. A telephone line will be available in the spring of 2018.


22 May 2018

 Did you know that the Brossard Georgette-Lepage library offers a section for seniors and their families. You will find a lot of useful links on recreation, health, government programs, legal services, volunteer opportunities on the South Shore, etc. Many of these links point to specific resources in Brossard.

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11 June 2018

Did you know that many companies offer discounts for people 65 and over. Discover the discounts by exploring the FADOQ website.

15 July 2018

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30 July 2018

Caregivers: a multitude of journeys

Although the journeys differ from one person to the next, the needs expressed by the caregiver and the person receiving care still follow a similar trajectory.

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