Our values


Respect for individuals is the keynote at Amélys and a fundamental value that contributes to a healthy, enjoyable work environment.



Because we believe our development depends on employee involvement, we create mechanisms for discussion that encourage everyone to express their ideas.



To deliver quality services, Amélys sets requirements in terms of knowledge, interpersonal skills and job skills. Every employee benefits from an integration process and is given the necessary training before visiting a client’s home.



As an employer of choice, we recognize our employees’ work and wish to contribute to their job satisfaction. We focus on training as well as knowledge sharing and learning.


Occupational health and safety

As a responsible employer, we make sure that all Amélys team members are committed to promoting and applying a work approach based on prevention and safety.


Employee relations

Amélys is confident that it offers employees competitive working conditions. We believe that positive working relations are based on an attentive ear to employee concerns and an appropriate response to request.